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Integrated OSS & NMS


We provide carrier-grade Integrated OSS and NMS solutions for managing established or emerging networks, generally within Telecommunications Carriers, Enterprise and Governmental market segments. Our solution is available in various configurations and with optional plug-ins, with a view to offer clients the choice of ‘Grow as the Network Grows’. The key philosophy is that the client can choose a plain configuration which offers real time monitoring to start with, and progressively upgrade towards fully-featured, standards compliant telecommunication Operations Support System (OSS). Our solution delivers a robust, carrier grade and highly reliable management system solution applicable to a wide range of wireless and wireline equipment, together with a variety of 3rd party and intermediary devices such as power supplies, environmental systems, protocol converters, routers/switches and other transmission equipment.

Network Management


We offer a multi-vendor Network Management and Element Manager System solution based upon an open network architecture, optimised to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients. Our solution covers important features such as - Integration possibility to various vendor (SNMP V1, V2, V3 ) equipment types with DES encryption and SHA/MD5 Authentication; Northbound-Interface; fault and configuration, performance, inventory management; service discovery; event notification; reporting; backup (live/standby); external interfaces (ODBC, Text Export, SNMP Traps forwarding); Programming and SNMP DDE Interface; synchronization and scalability.

Software Modules


We can provide various tailor-made software Management Modules, which enhance existing management platforms through information provisioning, connectivity information and status indication, advanced performance management, inventory management, and remote network monitoring as well as many other important and valuable tools for network operators. For our NEC Clients, we can provide management software modules for NEC’s microwave radio equipment as well as for NEC’s NMS platforms. An example is our SAPM that has been designed to work with existing NMS systems, and provides support for enhanced fault reporting, detection of deteriorating equipment and early warning of potential transmission path failure, such as with a microwave radio link. Also available are other modular solutions such as synchronisation scripts, bulk-firmware upgrade tools and many more.

Integrated OSS & SNMS Brochure

SNMS & SEMS Brochure

Advanced Performance Management Brochure

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  Management Software Solutions Brochure


Wireless Equipment


Our GSM GPRS/EDGE or 3G HSPA lowers your operational expenditure by eliminating leased line connectivity for Network Management Communications to remote site equipment or provides management connectivity previously not availble. Our solution facilitates configuration, provisioning and commissioning of remote along with providing instant visibility of faults and events occurring on the remote sites back at the central NOC location, all via low-cost dial-up connections. Remote access to FM, PM, CM and IM are all possible.

Wireline Equipment


Our wireline solution includes dial-up (PSTN), xDSL and E1/T1(nx64K)-to-Ethernet routers/bridges for transport of SNMP management signals, and conversion to/from these interface types. We especially address areas where multiple remote elements need to share a common PSTN or E1/ Ethernet bearer. Unique product features allow our solution to co-exist with existing equipment and can be integrated with existing NMS/OSS platforms, or with our own SNMS and SAPM platforms.  Our solutions also support V.35, V.36, EIA530, RS449, RS232, X.21, RS422 interface types.



As a natural extension to our wireless and wireline solution portfolio, we provide a broad range of auxiliaries, which include passive component products to interconnect various vendor interface types as well as providing measuring tools. We do not compromise on quality and we have a comprehensive range of robust solutions that we are continuously developing based upon our clients’ requests.

HGXD 48 VDC 3G/HSPA Brochure

Wireline Brochure

Auxillary Brochure

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HGXX Family 3G/HSPA Brochure


Our Skills

  • Scientis Solutions is passionate about innovative solutions that bring real value to Network Operators. Our customers generally require end to end network management DCN connectivity, network management and OSS systems solutions with the aim of increasing visibility of their entire network. We have the right expertise and knowledge to provide you with the necessary Engineering tools to measure network performance while increasing the quality of service and reducing operational expenses.

Where we act

  • Scientis Solutions and our partners are extremely familiar with your regional and local needs when it comes to tailor-made solutions. We understand that local knowledge is extremely important, and we achieve this via our partner network. We offer a local presence that comes with global reach. Scientis solutions and our partners currently cover Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas and Asia Pacific.

Latest News

December 13, 2010
Scientis releases its updated version of multi-vendor and technology Advanced Performance Management and Network Management Systems.

November 2, 2010
NEC releases its Network Management Software Solution Brochure cooperating with Scientis Solutions.